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Hey, I'm Adam! Web designer & developer from the sunny south coast of the United Kingdom. You've found my microblog. Posts here automatically syndicate to my Twitter.

This microblog is powered by my own open-source creation, Nicholas, and syndicates to Twitter using IFTTT. You can view the source code here.

9th March 2020

Hello world

👋🏻 Hello! Welcome to my funky new microblog. Inspired by Andy Bell (@hankchizljaw).

A slightly more meaningful feed that automatically syncs to Twitter using IFTTT. I am looking forward to having a place to share small code snippets and tricks that I learn that aren't really noteworthy enough for a blog post on my main site.

This microblog is a product of my own creation, Nicholas, a ridiculously simple bunch of PHP functions that work together quickly, quietly and dynamically convert neatly organised markdown files in to the feeds you see before you.

There's lots left to do and nothing else here yet, but thanks for stopping by all the same! If you just can't get enough, you can check out my main website here.